Under eye treatment

Tan control Facial

green tea & herbal extracts helps to lighter & brighter your skin. You will get relief from D-tanning caused by the sun and pollution. It is a good option for pigmentation and blemish removal.

Purifying Facial (oily skin)

refresh tired & fatigued skin from pollution, bacteria & daily make-up. A purifying treatment which will leave your skin clear & oil free. It is formulated with vitamins, minerals and elements to calm the skin.

revive & resurrect facial (dry skin)

renew dull & down skin from sun damage, dead skin & oil build up

age defence facial (all skin type)

time to defence your aging symptoms with this anti ageing facial. This treatment will take care of file lines and wrinkles.

Pearl glow Facial (all skin type)

for a better & younger looking skin that is damaged by sun or acne. The skin will be deeply moisturized by minerals & vitamins. This treatment enhances skin’s smoothness, rejuvenate skin, tighten the skin instantly & giving radiant look.

nourishing aquatic facial (all skin type)

This seaweed facial is the express ticket to a clean and glowing complexion. The cooling and soothing treatment helps to hydrate while improving the appearance of skin tone and clarity. The rubber mask is a perfect way to drive skin active ingredients into the skin after cleansing and exfoliating the face.

Luxurious Facial Ritual

Brightening Rejuvenating Ritual (All skin type) (60 min)

This ritual with Glyco sea peel is based on a multi-dimensional approach to skin brightening and even toning. Powerful anti-oxidant, natural botanicals and unique seaweed plants work to give your skin a glowing & radiant complexion. This revolutionary new treatment is a natural ant effective method in your quest in achieving outstanding results, without damaging the delicate structure of your skin.