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The beauty services industry especially in Ahmedabad is in full bloom. Differentiation for any serious player is a must and is a full bouquet of services, products and the ambience.

Shades of Blackk is a spalon – a salon with spa covering a gamut of most desired and workable range of services like hair cut, hair colors, facial, beatifying hands & legs, various massage & essential body wraps.

Shades of Blackk, not so obviously has completely black interiors, chic, classy and intense. Based on the concept red, green and blue lights mix to become white light all pigments mix to become BLACK. Our moods are in shades. Nothing is just black or white. We exist in the in-between. Therefore, SHADES OF BLACKK.

International products coupled with experienced and trained personnel are aimed at taking your ‘spalon’ experience at Shades of Blackk to a level unprecedented. We are confident as we have put in our best.

This is a new concept, new idea and a novel experience. Indulge yourself — experience it, as we believe that transformation begins from within.

Shades of Blackk Spalon, a unit of AJ’S Unisex Body Lounge is the first in a series of spalons followed by varied formats as per city and location. With a mission to offer exotic, but amicable services in a high-end ambience, AJ’S Unisex Body Lounge is here with Shades of Blackk as its maiden offering to the people of Ahmedabad, knowing well how ready the city is for this and more…

Glamorous Bollywood style icon Sonal Chauhan of ‘Jannat’ and ‘Buddha Hoga Tera Baap’ fame inaugurated Shades of Blackk Spalon in 2011! She pampered herself with Serenity Essential Back Therapy and discovered a radiant and flawless back.